Gregori High School Important Information

Driving and Parking Lot Safety Expectations

In order to keep our students safe, it is important that we work together as a team. We have procedural rules to keep everyone safe.


This area is designated by one right lane, closest to the school. You may stop in the far-right lane long enough to let someone out or pick someone up. Do not park in this area. When you drive into the drop-off/pick-up lane, please pull up as far forward as possible. Remain stopped while loading or unloading students. Please instruct your students to never run through the parking lot into the drop-off/pick-up area.

Drive Through

The left lane at the entrance of the school is the drive through lane to the parking lot and roadway. Do not stop or park in this area.  Do not allow students to enter or exit your vehicle while in the drive through lane. There are painted crosswalks in the parking lot for pedestrians to use when entering and exiting the school parking lots. Students waiting to be picked up should remain in the designated areas in front of the school.


Campus Supervisors, school security, and administration are at the school daily to monitor the parking lots and traffic flow. Please note that cars should never enter and remain in a marked crosswalk. Students must use designated crossing areas rather than crossing in the middle of a roadway.

Driving Concerns

Please do not make U-turns in front of the school. Please obey all traffic rules, including the speed limit in a school zone.

School Busses and Access Road

We have school busses to transport students to Gregori. In order to deliver students safely, the busses enter the gate on the west end of the campus between the tennis courts and the sports complex. This is a restricted access road and should not be used to drop-off or pick-up students or for through traffic.

The purpose of these regulations is not to offend anyone, but to increase the safety of our students. It is our goal to work collectively to ensure student safety.