Patient Care



The Gregori Medical Science Program consists of 3 courses: Medical Science 1 as Sophomores, Medical Science 2 as Juniors, and Hospital Occupations as Seniors. The first two years of the program focus on teaching the students content such as medical terminology, anatomy, physiology, etc., all while bringing in guest speakers to expose the students to a variety of health-related careers. They also receive their CPR/First Aid certifications in the first year. In the final course, Seniors review from the prior two years and begin shadowing twice a week at either Doctors Medical Center, Memorial Medical Center, Golden Bear Physical Therapy and/or Hillock Family Dental. Our program highlights student interests, which is why we have and are always looking for more partnerships in the community.

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AMR placing student onto a gurney into the ambulance

Career Technical Education (CTE) Pathway



  • HOSA

  • Stop the Bleed

  • Guest Speakers

    • Various fields within medicine

  • Anatomage Table - our digital cadaver table used by student to explore human anatomy & physiology

  • Hospital Occupations - students shadow twice a week at local healthcare facilities


First Inaugural class of Med Science Seniors

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Melanie Joseph
Medical Science I and II, Hospital and Health Service Occupations


Student learning how suture using a suture kit


Students using plaque-disclosing tablets to determine the quality of toothbrushing

Student taking blood pressure

Med Sci 2 students taking vitals

medical students

AMR Paramedics & EMTs placing a neck-brace on our student "patient".

Demonstrating backboarding

Learning to backboard a patient as a team


Student placing sutures in chicken skin

MPD Crime Scene Unit & fingerprints

MPD Crime Scene Unit showing students how to detect fingerprints


Med Sci 1 Students getting CPR certified