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Mission Statement

The mission of the Grace Davis High School Public Safety Academy is to promote a culture that supports the positive progression of young cadets, stressing the importance of goal-achievement, while upholding the rigors of academics, high-moral character, physical fitness, technological application, and developing leadership skills in preparation for college and/or a career in the field of public safety; it is the ultimate goal of the academy to rise above mediocrity and excel beyond the expectations of the standard classroom environment. 

General Information

The Davis High School Public Safety Academy is a three-year “school-within-a-school” program, with recommended freshmen pre-academy year, which offers a Public Safety Academy Club, an introductory program, upper-classmen shadowing and the opportunity to join the community service program. The subsequent years in PSA will offer college preparatory curriculum as well as vocational hands-on training and career-oriented experiences for students who wish to pursue a career in criminal justice, fire science and as a first responder. Our goal is to provide students with progressively higher levels of competence leading towards high-skill, high-wage careers. The program cannot exist without a commitment from its members. It is therefore expected that students remain in the program for the year’s duration, exiting the academy at the semester is not allowed. 

Freshman: Physical Education, Public Safety Academy Club, Introductory Program, Peer/Mentoring Shadowing, Community Service Program

Sophomore: CP English 3-4, CP Biology, Intro to Criminal Justice, CP World History, Community Service Program and Public Safety Academy Club.

Junior: CP English 5-6, CP U.S. History, First Responder Course, Community Service Program and Public Safety Academy Club.

Senior: CP English 7-8, CP Government, CTE Criminal Justice (2+2) or CTE Fire Science (2+2)

*Note: Students may need to enroll in seven courses and/or summer school in order to meet CSU/UC A-G requirements. 

Who Qualifies?

Students who seek a career in Public Service. This program is a four-year commitment with students entering with a recommended 2.5 GPA (a minimum of a 2.0 is necessary to meet MCS eligibility requirements). Modesto City Schools also allows intra/inter-district transfers for those students who live outside of the Davis High School or MCS boundaries.

Application Process

  • Maintain a minimum 2.0 GPA for eligibility purposes with a 2.5 GPA recommended.

  • Keep absences to a minimum.

  • NO unsatisfactory citizenship eligibility in order to participate in the PSA program activities.

  • Maintain academic and citizenship eligibility in order to participate in PSA activities such as job shadowing, field trips, speakers, etc.

  • Tutoring will be required for any student who has earned a D or below in any academy class, including math.

2023-2024 PSA Handbook


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