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Spartan students who participate in the Middle College Pathway earn 3 college units for each Middle College course they complete.  These classes are taken on campus at Davis High School during the regular school day and also earn the student high school credit that will help meet the 230 credits required for a high school diploma.  There is no cost to the student for the classes or the college units. 

These classes are not the same as AP or Advance Placement Courses.  They are superior in a sense as students do not need to pass an AP exam to earn the college credit, nor do students need to pay for a costly exam.  The students need only pass the class and college credit is applied through Modesto Junior College (MJC).  The MJC credits are transferable to most universities, as they would be if you took the class on the MJC campus. When combined with AP coursework in the core areas, students can graduate high school with enough college credits to have cleared a large portion of their college-level general education classes. 

Middle College Pathway Course Selection

* Classes subject to change based on MJC availability

Grade 9

  • Healthful Living – (HE 110)

  • Music Appreciation – (MUSG 101)

  • 5 Additional High School Courses

Grade 10

  • Child Growth & Development – (CLDDV 103)

  • Intro to Sociology (SOCIO 101)

  • 5 Additional High School Courses

Grade 11

  • Intro to the Humanities (HUMAN 101)

  • Art Appreciation (ART 160) 

  • 5 Additional High School Courses

Grade 12

  •  Physical Geography (GEOG 101)

  • General Psychology ((PSYCH 101)

  • 5 Additional High School Courses

We will also be offering two additional courses:

  • Fundamentals of Public Speaking (COMM 100)

  • English (ENG 161)

Students that participate all four years in the pathway will receive a cord to wear at graduation.

Graduation cord

For more information, please contact:

Kristie Durbin

Kristie Durbin

Middle College Coordinator
(209) 492-2417

Middle College Counselor

 Genine Meraz

Genine Meraz

(209) 492-1544

MJC degree even before high school diploma? Davis High student shows it can be done

Frank Thrall

Davis High senior Frank Thrall followed the Middle College Pathway at his school and did additional work on his own to already complete his AA degree coursework at Modesto Junior College. Read more about Frank here.