Modesto City Schools Transportation
(209) 574-1621

James, Wendy
Assistant Director of Transportation
(209) 574-1621

Fraticelli Esparza, Rebecca (Monique)
Senior Operations Supervisor
(209) 574-1621

Adams, Estela
Training & Safety Operations Supervisor
(209) 574-1621

Boarding Reminders

Loading Reminders

  • Masks are Required

  • Stay 6 feet apart while waiting for the bus

  • Hand Sanitize as you load on the bus

  • Use the Temperature Scanner

  • Load Back to Front, with one student per seat.

  • Please set next to the window

During the Ride

  • Keep Masks on at all times

  • Stay safely apart from others

Unloading Reminders

  • Students exit the bus from front to back

  • While exiting, hand sanitize

  • Keep mask on and keep 6 feet apart once off the bus

General Reminders for riding the bus:

  • Masks are required at all times

  • Stay 6 feet apart from others

  • Safely board by using hand sanitizer and temperature scanner

  • Sit next to the window, with only one student per seat.

  • Load from back to front

  • While exiting, the students at the front will leave first

  • Use Hand sanitizer while exiting the bus