Welcome to Modesto City Schools Sustainability & Environmental Education web page. For questions, please email Director of Sustainability Gilbert Blue Feather Rosas at Rosas.G@mcs4kids.com.

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2024 California Green Ribbon Schools District Awardee!

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Our Collective Purpose

To Reinforce the MCS Vision: Every student graduates with the Sustainability Skills, Knowledge, and Character Traits essential to thrive and contribute to society.


1. To foster leadership action to support District-wide sustainability and create a sustainability culture among all stakeholders.

2. To Implement procedures and add equipment that Reduce our Environmental Impact through energy conservation, improved efficiency, and the addition of resiliency. Green Ribbon Schools (GRS) Pillar 1

3. To pursue resources and programs that improve the Health and Wellness of our schools, our students, and our staff. Green Ribbon Schools (GRS) Pillar 2

4. To provide effective Environmental Education that teaches multiple disciplines and incorporates Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM), as well as civic skills and Green Career Technical Education (CTE). Green Ribbon Schools (GRS) Pillar 3


Upcoming Events

CAELI District Webinar Series: See Dates Below - Join the California Environmental Literacy Initiative's District Innovation Hub webinar series 1/25 session featured Modesto City Schools Board Member Abel Maestas.

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Earth Day 2024 MCS partnered with the City of Modesto at Graceada Park!

Some of Modesto City Schools' partners and school environmental clubs got together to celebrate Earth Day in the park! Students showcased research-based and creative projects, and facilitated activities with community members!

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mcs partnered with city of modesto for earth day at graceada park and presented projects, and did community arts and crafts with recycled materials

CBS News - English

Telemundo 33 Sacramento - Spanish

Sustainability Focus Areas